Modifications to Boats and Trailers

Alure Craft can help you with modifications to your current boat or trailer.

We are engineers and experienced builders of everything from small craft to superyachts and we can help you make your boat just the way you want it or improve your trailer for better towing and safety.

Building Centre Console for Boat

We can even help you with ingenious solutions like this Lift Up Jetty Ladder or something of your own design.

Lift Up Jetty Ladder Lift Up Jetty Ladder

This custom jetty ladder is unique as it has Stainless Steel gas struts to assist in lifting in and out of the water. A spring loaded barrel bolt holds it in the upright position when not in use.

The handrail has been positioned to help elderly and those with special needs use it and it can be lowered into the water by a child if required.

The ladder is made deep enough so that it is easy to access when in the water and it’s made from all marine grade aluminium with weight reducing holes to help also displace the water when lifting up.

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Enquiry About Mods

Enquiry About Mods

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