Darren with DhufishG’day Jurien.

I wanted to give you a bit of feedback after a few long journeys out on our new 6.8m That was built by Alure Craft recently.

Firstly, I wanted to compliment the trailer and the ease of getting the boat on and off, especially in 20-30kn south-westerly winds we usually endure after a long trip west. I have never experienced or seen a trailer that is so forgiving in retrieval.

For me, retrieval was usually a 3-4 attempt process but now, with the hull-moulded base on the trailer, I can now drive the boat on at any angle and have it correct itself perfectly, every time.

The quality of the build is like nothing I have seen and the attention to detail is up at the highest standard in the business. It is obvious that the design and build was based around many years of experience and knowledge.

Having been on a few 200km round trips throughout this Christmas break and cruising at around 25kt in rough seas, it is an absolute pleasure to drive with no hesitation to manoeuvre in and around the seas whenever I see fit.

The stability at rest is also a huge factor with compliments being thrown around all day, every fishing trip by myself and mates that have joined me on long journeys.

The Centre Cab for me has been most handy, with the ability to fight fish 360 degrees around the boat with ease. This is also very convenient for me with kids as I have a toilet setup in the cabin with plenty of room for an additional fridge and storage space, AND still the ability to walk around the cabin.

I wanted to thank the guys at Alure Craft for the extra effort put into this vessel to make it such a please to drive. With safety and stability in mind I will not hesitate to take my young kids out fishing.

Thanks again!
Darren Smith


I engaged Jurien Van Rongen from Alure Craft to build an aluminium trailer for my 26 foot Striper.

Jurien’s professionalism throughout the entire build process was excellent and his workmanship is second to none, which ensured I received tremendous value for my money.

I could not be happier with my trailer and it is comforting that expert after-sales support is readily available from Alure Craft if and when required. The trailer is going perfectly and everywhere I go, people stop me and compliment me on the trailer, which is funny because no one ever says anything about my boat!

Thanks again for such an awesome product, strongly recommend!

Jordan Morrissey

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